Brick and Mortar Bedford

Welcome! This is our resource page for Brick and Mortar Bedford. This is where we will post all the links and resources we discuss. Check back often – it will change frequently!

Schedule Here:

A copy of the intro email from Stephanie.

Week 1
March 4 – Bedford Welcome Center
DISC assessment
What is DISC?
About Scot McCarthy

See this week’s Power Point presentation on DISC.

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk
How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Week 2
March 11 – Bedford Welcome Center
Presenters: Christina Garnett and Stephanie Keener

Rethinking Marketing: How to make social media actually work; Collaborative marketing; town events and getting involved

Christina Garnett’s Presentation on Marketing

Stephanie’s Talk on Events in Your Community

Christina also recommended the documentaries on the Fyre Festival on both Netflix and Hulu. (No links here, just search in your Hulu or Netflix.

Week 3
March 18 – Bedford Campus CVCC
Jamie Reynolds, Stillwater Business Solutions

Rethinking Financing and Forecasting: How do you plan for a crowd? Financial trends in retail/restaurant.

Jamie Reynolds Presentation

Week 4
March 29 (Friday) – Bedford Welcome Center
Marc Willson, Virginia SBDC and The Willson Company

Competing with the Big Boys: A number of topics from appearance to creating an experience roll into making your business a destination.
Marc’s Slide presentation

Marc has a book recommendation: Why We Buy, Paco Underhill and his website Envirosell

Week 5
APRIL 1 Bedford Welcome Center
Katie Conner and Nicole Johnson
Resources with Bedford and Virginia Tourism: How to Get the Most Out of Tourism

Weeks 5 – 7

One on One Technical Assistance – producing an action plan on:

  • Marketing Plans (Christina Garnett)
  • Financial Action Plan (Jamie Reynolds)

(Around five hours of work to produce a plan.)